work with grump

Whether you’re looking for the best DJ for your next event or want to get the word out about your product, GRUMP is there for you. GRUMP’s digital presence and uncanny persona makes him a perfect fit to ensure that your next venture stands out amongst the rest. Despite the essence of his brand, GRUMP’s professionalism and reliability guarantees that you’ll start your event or campaign with the utmost confidence of it being a success.

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corporate and special events

Your guests deserve the best. Don’t settle for anything less for your next event. GRUMP’s ability to take direction, read a room, and provide a good time in any environment is what puts him a step above from the competition. Don’t get stuck with a bottom of the roster DJ. Get the real deal with GRUMP.


Partnerships and influence

GRUMP’s strong digital presence and content marketing approach makes him a perfect fit for your next influencer campaign or partnership. GRUMP is well-recognized and trusted in the digital space and throughout various communities. You could sponsor a mix, a party or collaborate on online content. Send over an email with your ideas or leave it with GRUMP and receive a customized campaign pitch of your own.


grump & friends

Are you a venue or festival planner looking for help with your DJ program? GRUMP has leveraged his network to build regular programming for various venues across the city. GRUMP will work with you to establish an effective DJ program including help with budget, A/V, scheduling and general consultation.